Winter Side Gigs – Crew Wants to Know: Veggie Share Week #11 – 8/16/23

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Winter Side Gigs – Crew Wants to Know

Nothing like a cool, rainy day and a 55 degree night to have us all thinking about how ephermal summer is.

Instead of a newsletter this week, I have two asks regarding keeping busy in the winter.

Ask #1: Winter Gigs for the crew.
Our crew is made of up 20 members. Some part-time, some full-time – at least during the warm times. When there is snow on the ground, we don’t have much work for folks. We can keep a couple of team members working through the winter as we sell storage crops, but for the most part the majority of the team has to find other work.

Our chances of getting talented crew members to return for subsequent seasons relies heavily on our ability to help them find short-term, winter work. December/January through May gigs are perfect. If any of you have any leads on temporary positions that pay a living wage, please email the farm and let me know! We are always looking for places to suggest to our people so that they come back to us next June!

Ask #2:  Gigs to Get Your Farmers Off-Farm in the Winter
Michael and I both work part-time in the winter. While we could work full time, we leave some of the work to our winter crew members in efforts to give them steady hours through the winter. As our kids are all school age now, we are both looking to get off farm some in the winter, and engage with others throughout the winter in a work setting.  These could be paid or volunteer gigs. Have any leads to share?

Looking forward to gathering any tips you all may provide.