the Dreamy Temperature: Fall Veggie Share #3 – Wed., 11/8/23

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the Dreamy Temperature

Many times I’ve wondered what food I would choose if I was forced to only be allowed to eat one dish ever.  (Corn tortilla chips and salsa. No question.) I’ve never played the mind wonder game where I consider what temperature I would choose if I had to choose one temperature to live in all of the time.

Yesterday I was pretty convinced that 67 degrees and sunny is just about the dreamiest temperature ever.

The Goldilocks temperature.

It was absolutely amazing to be working outside yesterday. Breezy, sunny, warm. If I had a solar battery array as part of my body, I definitely would have stored up yesterday in order to have a taste of warmth in January.

The whole next week looks unseasonably (or new-seasonably) warm, and I plan on trying to enjoy it.

Truth be told, this newsletter isn’t my best because all I want to do is leave the office and go pick Brussels sprouts in the mild weather. I mean, if there’s one thing a Wisconsin winter teaches you, it’s to savor every single warm fall day that comes, because soon they’ll be a thing of memory.

Enjoy your veggies!
Farmer Cassie